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Company History

A Word From Carl Scott, Founder,

    I started Prestissimo Window Cleaning Co. in 2006 when I was an undergraduate in the sociology department at Wayne State University.   The economy in Detroit was beginning to tank hard, and my friends and family wondered aloud if a “luxury service” was a wise choice for a business venture during a recession.  Being the defiantly independent type I went ahead and did it anyway.  Before too long, I had enough work that I could pay a helper on my bigger jobs.  Then I needed another crew during the busy summer and fall season. Now, 7 years later Prestissimo has a handful of expert technicians, the best equipment available, and we continue to grow slowly and responsibly.














Carl Scott, Owner of Prestissimo Window Cleaning Co. 2010

 One of the most profound insights I developed was that window cleaning is not a “luxury service.”  Window cleaning is the least expensive way to instantly and dramatically brighten a space.   

    Prestissimo (pres-TEE-see-moe) is Italian for “very fast.”  I chose the word “Prestissimo” somewhat arbitrarily.  I knew I wanted to call my company a fancy sounding Italian word.   I am not Italian, just a fan of the culture.  I did encounter Italian in musical scores when I played Bassoon at Ferndale High School.  I flipped through a glossary of Italian musical terms and something magical happened when I saw it: “Prestissimo“…  such a beautiful word, it rolls off the tongue and evokes an implicit meaning even if you don’t know what it means.  It sounds so regal and smooth, much like I think of very clean glass.

Carl Scott, Founder and CEO 2010

    Through the years, we’ve tried hard to be as good as our name. The great people who work at Prestissimo are experts at what they do, and support their families with their trade.  For my end, I work hard to keep employee wages at the maximum level possible.   I understand that good work arises from a good company culture which includes good pay.   We’re not the biggest, we’re not the cheapest nor the most expensive.  We are the best at what we do, and are fairly yet competitively priced. We are thorough, attentive, personable, and trustworthy in your home or office.

We… are… Prestissimo!

Prestissimo Window Cleaning Crew 2012. Carl, Dusty, Jarrod, Mason

Prestissimo Crew 2012

Left to right: Carl, Dusty, Jarrod, Mason

Prestissimo Window Cleaning Crew 2015

Prestissimo Crew 2015

My windows look beautiful, I got an appointment right away, and the man who did the cleaning was on time, polite, and did a great job. :)

Debra H.

Farmington Hills, MI

Hi Carl, The guys do a nice job and are always punctual, considerate and conscientious of providing a quality job. I am happy to have them work in my home. I have referred your company many times to friends, family and co-workers. See you again soon.

Linda S.

Commerce Township, MI

The guys were very pleasant and did a great job. Made sure the job was done right. Thank you!

Patti K.

Rochester Hills, MI

Always a great job at a great price. The crew is great and efficient.

Richard B.

West Bloomfield Township, Mi

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