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Prestissimo Window Cleaning Old 1852 Royal Oak House
Carl & Glen Scott - Prestissimo Window Cleaning Company

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Wonderful, hard working crew! Excellent job all the way around. Everything was done to my standards- which are not easy to meet! I look forward to working with Prestissimo every year.

Donna S.

Pleasant Ridge, MI

We have a 50's vintage house with double-hung windows and old stickly storm windows, so this was not an easy job. The crew was great and the windows sparkle.

Marcia R.

Pleasant Ridge, MI

You guys are thorough and do a great job with clean up and you alerted me to a roof problem. Thanks

Melanie C.

Royal Oak, MI

So far, you guys have done an excellent job. You have been very thorough and reliable. That's why I have used your service for the last 5 years. Thank you for being so careful with our screens & windows.

Bob A.

Commerce Township, MI

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