Hot Coffee & Clean Windows

Spring approaches and the days are warm with sun, but the mornings are still quite chilly. Carl loves to take a carafe of coffee as fuel for the crew on days like these. Chazzano roasts some of the best coffee we've ever tasted. Currently, we are enjoying the Colombia Villa Maria Caldas Supremo. Carl told me "It tastes like Folgers would taste if it was any good" which I rolled my eyes at, but after tasting it, I understood what he meant. It just has that classic, no frills coffee flavor...(which the people at Chazzano can describe much more eloquently.) We found it to be familiar and satisfying.

Over the years, Prestissimo has gotten better and better at bringing bagged lunches to work. I realize this topic may seem silly, unimportant, or irrelevant to some, but brown bagged lunch and carafes of quality coffee are important to our crew. Here's how these little things effect our work and your windows:

  • Liveliness As the Chazzano Coffee Roasters slogan goes, "Good coffee makes you sing!" When the Prestissimo crew starts the day with a locally roasted brew, it puts everyone in good spirits and helps us to be prompt and spry.

  • Efficiency A steady supply of sustenance sources makes trips and stops at drive-thrus and gas stations unnecessary, leaving us more time to get work done and less time driving and getting stressed out.

  • Excellence Bringing quality goodies from home makes for happy, healthy window cleaners who will do a good job!

  • Gratitude Supporting businesses such as Chazzano Coffee Roasters makes us feel good. With each sip we can be reminded of the great network of hardworking independent Michigan businesses that we are proud to be part of.

Chazzano's purchases thier coffee beans for over three times the "fair trade" price. This is important, as often the definition of "fair tade" does not actually provide famers with enough income to support themselves. We are proud to support Chazzano, and happy to pay a little more for our coffee. We know that those extra dollars allow Chazzano to continue to run thier business in an ethical manner.

This will likely be the first of many posts centered more around local food and fellow local businesses than around windows and gutters. However, if I ever get Carl off of a ladder and sitting still long enough to write a post, he will surely write more about glass and gutters than anyone thought was possible.

#localfood #independentbusiness #windowcleaning

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