Made in the U.S.A

Carl relaxing after work in his new American made uniform

At Prestissimo, we are always trying to improve upon little things in the day to day routine. When we finally figure out what works, even the seemingly small details can make a huge difference, improving efficiency, and saving the sanity of our crew.

For example...where is the best place to keep a cell phone while on the job? What about a multi tool? Everyone who works here must be ready to answer a phone in case of the inevitable cancelled appointment or approaching thunder storm. Digging through a pants pocket while balancing on a ladder and holding a 10 foot mop pole is certainly impressive and circus-esq, but we would prefer a safer alternative. We may have finally found it in overalls.

Overalls have been the uniform of choice for service men for decades, but have fallen out of fashion. Our logo, Squeegee Luigi has always sported the things, but we just never tried them on any of our human workers until recently. Round House is a clothing manufacture right here in the U.S. specializing in clothing for working men. They have been around since 1903.

Upon receiving the overalls in the mail, we were impressed with the quality, especially since they were so reasonably priced. Carl tried them out and was relieved to finally have a place to put his cell phone, tablet, wallet, gutter screws, extra towel, pen....oh the things a window and gutter cleaner must keep in his pockets! Carl tested out his new American made uniform while relaxing with his daughter before heading off to clean gutters in Pleasant Ridge.

It might take us a while before we convince all the guys to dress like Carl and Squeegee Luigi, but we are certainly relieved to have found some good quality work clothing that is made in the U.S.A.

#independentbusiness #americanmade

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