The Importance of Early Booking for Fall Gutters

It was the fall of 2013. Homeowners across the region assumed the warm weather would hold out til mid December, as it usually did, providing ample time to clean their gutters of the newly fallen autumn leaves. The weather did not, however, share the sentiment, and a freeze came over the whole of the state an entire month earlier than expected on November 15th, a freeze which would not lift for another 4 months. “The leaves have only half fallen, who knew to clean the gutters so unseasonably early!” one distressed homeowner cried. “I have yet to clean my gutters and now they are frozen solid, leaves and all! this will surely cause ice damming, why, this oversight could cause damage to my home!” shouted another. “What I shall do, there is no way to clean gutters in the cold” another interjected. “Oh! If only I had called Prestissimo to clean my gutters, if only I had an appointment booked by early November” lamented yet another.


But seriously, we are encouraging folks to book gutter cleaning early to be on the safe side, we recommend a cleaning be performed early to mid November at the latest.

Call Carl at 248 376 0858 to sign up for gutter cleaning, its never too early. One nice thing about gutter cleaning is that you do not necessarily need to be home during the actual service. If you call within the month of September or early October, we will put you on our Early Bird list and come by as soon as possible. We guarantee to have your gutters cleaned out before the possible mid-November freeze. In addition we offer professional installation of gutter accessories which can prevent gutters from ever clogging or freezing.


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