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The early warm spell we had a month ago inspired many of us to plan gardens, home improvements, and set personal goals. Now that the cold is gone for good (we hope), its high time to realize those goals. For About 10 Years now I have wanted to make a bicycle trailer that could, in some small capacity, replace the need for a truck, at least locally. I am thrilled to have modified a bicycle cargo trailer to be attractive and fulfill our needs. This trailer has a 300 lb capacity and is surprisingly easy and enjoyable to pull. For now we are only taking it to very local jobs, but I am in the process of fitting it with a solar powered electric booster motor to increase its range.

I have always loved cycling, my Dad and I used to go on the Michigander Bicycle Tour across upper Michigan every July, and I count that time spent "on the saddle" as some of the most enjoyable of my life. I consider myself a "Bicycle Diplomat" to the obviously car-centric Metro Detroit area. I think its important for cyclists and car drivers to have a relationship of mutual respect and responsibility. It is in this vein that we spent a lot of money and effort making this trailer very safe and attractive. Hopefully we will inspire other companies and even individuals to make a partial switch to pedal power.

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