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Historic Buildings and Homes 

Historic Window Cleaning Royal Oak MI

Prestissimo is a trusted service provider to some of the most architecturally important historic structures in southeast Michigan.  We provide both institutions and homeowners with expert maintenance services.  Window and gutter cleaning are essential aspects of historic preservation. 


We are proud and humbled to lay hands on, and be an integral part of the preservation of buildings made by titans of architectural history, including Frank Lloyd Wright, Albert Khan, Minoru Yamasaki, and Eliel Saarinen, to name a few.  It is a responsibility that we take very seriously. 


Historic windows and building components require different maintenance schedules and cleaning processes than their modern counterparts.  Even the language describing their parts and workings is of a bygone era.  We are enthusiastic promoters of historic preservation and are eager to advise you on the cleaning and maintenance of your historic structure.  

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