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Screen Repair & Re-screen 

We now offer super-convenient screen repair and re-screening services.  Our rates are comparable to what is charged at your local hardware store, with the notable advantage that we will remove from, and put screens back in to their intended window at no extra charge.  We can perform simple repairs on site or more complex ones we will take back to our screen shop in Ferndale.  Please do let us know ahead of time if you are interested in having screen repair done at the same time as a window or gutter cleaning appointment.       

The most common screen service we do is re-screening, or replacing the screen mesh that has developed holes or damage from pets, kids, or the sun. 

The most common and economical screen mesh is fiberglass, but we are able to re-screen with stainless steel micro mesh, pet safe, aluminum and many others, in a variety of colors.  Re-screening in standard fiberglass mesh currently starts at just $35/ea for small screens, up to around $80 for the largest, or sliding door screens.  Other mesh types and custom colors are a bit more. We replace the spline (the tubular rope-like thing that holds the screen mesh in) with each re-screening.    

We can replace broken corners or bent framing or other components.  Some parts must be special ordered, but we do have a large stock of common screen parts.  

If your screens are still in good enough shape to survive the year but will need repair for the next year, we do reserve the winter months for screen repair - we will pick up your screens in the late fall and return them all fixed by early spring.  We offer a small discount for screen repair in the winter months, as you are helping us to stay busy in an otherwise slow period.  

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