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Solar Panel Cleaning

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We Clean Solar Panels!  Correctly.  

Rooftop, Residential, Commercial, Free Standing, and even Utility Scale Solar Fields.

Solar panel cleaning is necessary to keep panels working efficiently.  The cost of solar panel cleaning is usually more than made up for by the value of the increased production it provides (how cool is that?!)

Solar Panel cleaning really is a type of cleaning that should only be done by a trained person due to the electrical and height related safety concerns, as well as the potential to damage panels with improper cleaning.  

We are certified by The International Solar Cleaning Academy for Rooftop Solar Cleaning Safety.  We don appropriate PPE including electrocution resistant gloves, boots, and fall prevention.  

Our low pressure, deionized water cleaning method is accepted by virtually all manufacturers of solar panels as safe for the panel.  Most importantly this method of cleaning will not damage the ARC, or antireflective coating that coats the glass in most solar panels.  This layer is inherently fragile and should not be exposed to to harsh chemicals, abrasives, or pressure.  

It is important to clean panels on a regular basis to prevent the formation of algae, mineral stains, or other deep staining that might require more aggressive cleaning methods than are allowed by manufacturers warranty.  

We can do a one-time cleaning or can set up a recurring panel cleaning for 2 or 4 times per year to ensure panels remain clean and at optimal production levels.   Text Dallas today for a free quote! 248 376 0858

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