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A Message from Carl Scott, Owner:

Hi and thank you for your interest in our very small company!  I started this company as a literal teenager almost 15 years ago while going to Wayne State with a station wagon, a squeegee, and a dream.  While the business (and myself) has changed and matured in that time, there are many values that I am proud to have kept such as being kind, thoughtful, and thorough in our work large and small.

We do things a bit differently than the large, impersonal companies where the bottom line of profit is king.  At Prestissimo, our bottom line is people, from the wonderful people who work with us to the amazing people we are proud to call our customers.  Unlike in large firms, I as the owner go out and clean windows myself nearly every day, while Dallas, our kind and capable office manager takes calls and routes our people in the field. 

If you have never talked to Dallas before, you owe it to yourself to call him at 248 376 0858, if only to talk to him about cats or 20th century cinema.  Dallas is not only extremely competent at his job, but he is also a great listener, a compassionate human, and I am grateful to call him a colleague and friend.   

We are ready, willing, and able to provide your home or business with professional level window cleaning and gutter cleaning services.  If you have never had such services done before please don't be intimidated.  Dallas is happy to explain any aspect of how our service works.  Our service is surprisingly affordable and easy to get done.  Although we do work on large, architecturally sophisticated commercial and residential buildings, the vast majority of our thousands of satisfied customers are normal people living in normal neighborhoods.  We can service homes or commercial properties both very old and very new, and are one of the few companies competent to service historical buildings.  

While we are technically proficient in window and gutter cleaning, and have won numerous awards for our work, I am most proud of the kindness and thoughtfulness in everything we do.  I am grateful to be able to provide a service to our amazing customers.  I feel so fortunate to be able to see so many of the same people year after year, if only for an hour.  It is a wonderful way to go through life.  


Carl Scott

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